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Monday, November 07, 2005

Back from Goa :(

Its been a week that i got back from Goa.....and i am gonna update my blog NOW about the was awesome!!!! the last time i went there was around 10-13 years ago.....AND I HATED IT.....i guess we were too lil then to really enjoy it....but this time was great!!! We didnt manage to catch any beach parties though.....but i guess that didnt really seem to matter. The most amazing experience was being able to lay on the beach and gaze at the night sky....i finally managed to catch a glimpse of shooting stars!!!! 
             I managed to eat a whole lot of yummy fish, prawns, crabs and some squid aswell!!! The wedding dinner there was some excellent SORPOTEL with SANNAS
                       The wedding reception was excellent ....there was alot of dancing and got over pretty late around 2:30am and we were very tired...we desperately wanted to sleep but we had to catch our flight back in another 2hrs so we decided against it...but the worst part was yet to come.....WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! I got back from the airport...took a shower and left for work was impossible to concentrate (OBVIOUSLY) on work  with absolutely no sleep in the past 24 hours!!! somehow i manged to pull through a couple of hours and then headed back home!!!!
                      our next trip back to Goa is already being discussed. i hope it happens sometime real soon...and this time we're gonna go for a longer time!!!!           
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